Online alcohol sales in Ontario rose over the holidays: LCBO

More Ontario drinkers turned to the Internet to buy wine, beer and spirits over the holidays.
The LCBO says its online alcohol sales totalled nearly $2 million between Nov. 6 and Dec. 31, up from $1.7 million over the previous three months.
The LCBO says the average number of daily purchases rose to 147 from 80 in those same time periods - an increase of about 84 per cent - and the average amount spent to $227 from $207.
The government-owned agency launched its online store in late July, allowing people to people buy from nearly 5,000 products and have them delivered to their home or a local liquor store.
Spokeswoman Christine Bujold says the types of alcohol that people purchased online shifted over the holidays, with beer sales dropping and a boost in red wine and spirits.
Bujold says other drinks typically associated with the holiday season, such as Baileys Irish Cream, also grew more popular.