Ontario eliminates Drive Clean test fee

This may sound like an April Fools' Day joke but it isn't.

As of April 1, Ontario residents no longer have to pay the 30-dollar fee for a Drive Clean test.

The provincial government is also getting rid of back-to-back conditional passes for vehicles that fail the test.

It is also eliminating testing requirements for light-duty vehicles when they are re-sold.

But drivers will have to pay to their vehicles to be retested if they don't pass a Drive Clean test the first time.

According to the Liberal government, Ontario's Drive Clean Program tests 2.3 million vehicles per year.

It helps reduce emissions that cause smog and poor air quality - cutting emissions from vehicles by about one-third each year, which ensures cleaner air and better health for everyone in the province.

Since its introduction in 1999, the Drive Clean program for light-duty vehicles has reduced approximately 400,000 tonnes of smog-causing pollutants from the air we breathe.