Ontario footing the bill for juror counselling

Ontario is introducing a support program for jurors who feel they need counselling after sitting on a trial or coroner's inquest.

Attorney General Yasir Naqvi says that while being a juror can be a rewarding and positive experience, some trials can be traumatic.

Under the new program, jurors can get counselling in person, over the phone, by teleconference or over email.

Jurors can call a hotline at 1-844-JUROR-ON after their service is finished or make a request for support from the presiding judge or coroner while a case is ongoing.

Four one-hour counselling sessions will initially be offered, but if the juror feels they need more, they can get up to four more free sessions.

Previously, the province would cover costs of counselling for jurors only when a judge made a specific order for it.

Serving as a juror, have you ever been traumatized after a disturbing trial?