Ontario NDP chief of staff reinstated after suspension

The leader of Ontario's New Democrats has reinstated her chief of staff, who was briefly relieved of his duties amid allegations that he failed to properly address sexual misconduct complaints in another province.

Andrea Horwath says she's comfortable allowing Michael Balagus to resume his duties, adding he takes responsibility for his part in events that unfolded while he worked as chief of staff to the former premier of Manitoba.

Several women came forward last month to allege former Manitoba finance minister Stan Struthers' tickled and groped them between 2003 and 2014.

In each case, the women said they were told to "suck it up' when they reported the behaviour to senior officials, including Balagus.

Horwath says Balagus recognizes that a chief of staff is responsible for ensuring a safe work environment for subordinates, and says he has worked to improve reporting protocols for the Ontario NDP.

Balagus says he apologizes to the women for his part in their experiences and says he's committed to ensuring nothing similar happens in his current role.