Ontario will test 110 km/hr speed limits on certain highways in September

The Ontario government has selected stretches of three highways to allow speeds of 110 km/hr, which many other provinces currently do. 

Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek announced Friday morning the areas are the QEW from St. Catharines to Hamilton, 402 from London to Sarnia and the 417 from Ottawa/Gloucester to the Quebec border. 

"Each of these highways were chosen because there's little change needed to be done to them, their interchanges are properly spaced for making the safest environment possible," he said, in an effort to improve traffic flow. 

"If you speak about the congestion in Toronto, we're working on that plan as well, we have a $28.5 billion investment in expanding the subway system, we're expanding the GO network." 

Yurek said they'll also be targeting drivers who go too slow in the left-hand lanes and there's plans to select a stretch of highway in northern Ontario. 

"There's a couple of highways we were thinking of that are going under construction, so we'll come up with one in the next month or so," he said. 

The plan has the backing of Ontario Safety League and the CAA, although OPP Traffic Sgt. Kerry Schmidt warned of drivers potentially taking liberties. 

"It's a slippery slope," he told CP24. "It's (speeding) the number one killer on our highways right now." 

"Drivers need to realize that when they're sharing the road and driving with vehicles of all shapes and sizes and drivers with different skill levels, the faster you go, the less time you're going to have to react." 

Provinces such as Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia already have 110 km/hr roads and Yurek said the threshold for stunt driving will remain at 150 km/hr. 

"The speed limit is being raised at this point to where we're already driving, so we're meeting what at least 85 per cent of the road users are driving at right now," he said. 

Photo radar is not part of the pilot project and large tractor trailers will still have a maximum speed of 105 km/hr.