OPP charge 67 drivers with stunt driving in one week

The numbers are staggering.

67 drivers were charged with stunt driving in the GTA, over the past week alone.

That means those drivers will lose their vehicles for seven days, and automatically see their license suspended.

And they weren't just going a little quickly.

"I think the fastest this weekend was 190 and we had some last week in excess of 250km/h," says OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt. "That's faster than a Dreamliner coming in on approach at Pearson airport."

The problem of stunt and aggressive driving is no longer a niche in the Greater Toronto Area.

"We are on average, taking about 6 to 7 cars off the roads every single day in the GTA." says Schmidt.

As a matter of fact, Schmidt calls agressive driving, the number one killer on our roads, now.

Stunt driving is when drivers are speeding at more than 50km/h over the posted speed limit and the warmer weather is starting to bring those kinds of drivers out of the woodwork.

"We see more of it now with the warm weather. Motorcycles are out and the summer tires are going back on cars." says Schmidt.