Original "crane girl" answers questions over Instagram

Have you ever wanted to ask a daredevil questions about why they do what they do?

Toronto's original crane girl - also known as Marisa Lazo - decided to answer her followers most burning questions over Instagram Tuesday evening. 

After climbing a crane near Church and Bloor in April of last year, she was asked how the climb has impacted her life, and whether she regrets it or no. 

To that she responded, quote, "It certainly made me re-evaluate the cost of decisions - monetary or not - in all facets of life"

She was then asked "what are you climbing these days," to which she answered "nothing without permission first."

And then when asked "how did you manage to get all the way up there," she answered in an image, showing an elevator where she had circled the 'up' button. 

The messages were sent under Lazo's revamped Instagram account after she deleted earlier daredevil shots and changed her account's handle. 

Lazo received an absolute discharge in late December 2017 after pleading guilty to two counts of mischief.

She was given six months to pay a small victim fine surcharge. 

Meatime, a second woman faces two mischief charges after climbing a crane near Bathurst and Lake Shore one morning last month. 

Lindsey Flockhart, 34, was charged with two counts of mischief, after officials said the crane was completely damaged and is no longer operable.