Own a piece of Massey Hall

How would you like to own a piece of Toronto history?

As part of the leadup to the massive overhaul and renovation at Massey Hall, the auditorium seats are going up for sale.

The seats were installed as part of the last renovation in 1948 at the iconic Toronto building. Fans sat in them and watched the likes of Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald, Luciano Pavarotti, Diana Krall, Keith Richards, Maria Callas, Justin Bieber, and Joni Mitchell perform.

The seats have been removed and mounted on a base plate for stability, and will come with a commemorative plaque and certificate of authenticity.

But they don't come cheap.

To the general public, the seats (which come with the general wear-and-tear you can imagine) sell for $1000 each or $2000 for two.

They'll on sale to the general public on Monday, June 18th at 12pm.

Single Seat Dimensions (approximate)
Width 62cm (24.41in)
Depth 62cm (24.41in)
Height 84cm (33.07in)
Approximate Weight: 27kg (60lbs)

Double Seat Dimensions (approximate)
Width 122cm (48.03in)
Depth 62cm (24.41in)
Height 84cm (33.01in)
Approximate Weight: 45kg (100lbs)