LISTEN: PC leader Brown calls premier's legal threat "baseless"

PC leader Patrick Brown has released a statement after the premier threatened him with legal action.

Premier Kathleen Wynne's legal team demanded an apology from Brown after he made what they call a defamatory statement.

Brown told reporters on Tuesday that he hopes the premier will give the province answers, "maybe when she stands trial."

Premier Wynne was not on trial, but testifying on Wednesday as a witness in Sudbury in a trial for two former Liberal staffers who are facing bribery charges under the Election Act.

Brown says in a statement that the premier's legal threats are "baseless, threats that will be ignored."

Patrick Brown statement

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Premier Wynne's lawyer Jack Siegel joined Moore in the Morning on NEWSTALK 1010 after Brown released his statement.

"It shouldn't be such a horrible thing for a person to get up in public and say, 'I was wrong, it was an accident,' " Siegel says, who is still demanding an apology.