Peel Region still dealing with bus driver shortage

It might seem hard to believe, but parts of Peel Region are still dealing with a shortage of school bus drivers.

Two years after the problem first surfaced, some kids are waiting an hour or more for their bus in the morning.

According to trustees, some kids aren't arriving to class until the first recess.

A report that went to the board in Peel Region, suggests there are currently 16 routes without a permenant driver and 53 more routes that are being covered off by replacements. Many of those drivers are on medical or long term leave.

Peter Joshua is the Director of Education at the Peel Board and says they are hoping to see some next steps come from the province.

He says they are aware of the situation, but haven't really come forward with any advice.

Some of the trutees have been reportedly asking the board to push the province for more transportation funding.

Durham Region and Toronto are not having similar issues after having shortages in the past.