Per-capita beer consumption down in Canada

The words "beer" and "Canada", have always gone well together.

But it would seem, that our love affair with the hoppy brews, is dwindling.

Research by Beer Canada shows the per-capita beer consumption is down almost 8% from five years ago.

"Canada's demographics are changing, but we're also seeing consumers switch to other types of beverages, whether that be wine, spirits or to a lesser extent, coffee and tea." says Luke Chapman, from Beer Canada.

It's not all bad news though. When we buy beer, we're buying domestric products. The rate of sales for domestics have out-paced imports at a rate of six-to-one.

And the fact that people aren't drinking as much beer, means breweries have to try something new.

"One of the trends we've been seeing over the last little while, is brewers exploring the low and no alcohol segment of the beer market." says Chapman.

Also, Canadians seem to prefer cans over the traditional bottles, with 62% more cans selling compared to glass bottles.