Plan to slash Toronto City Council heading to court

Doug Ford's plan to reduce Toronto City Council for the 2018 elections will go before a judge.

Toronto lawyer and Ward 13 candidate Rocco Achampong's motion will be heard on Tuesday at the University Avenue courthouse.

He wants an emergency injunction to block the plan.

Ford is looking to slash the size of council from 47 to 25 councillors.

"I don't ever want to pre-judge the judicial outcome because the ultimate decision-maker would be the judge," Achampong says but he feels he has very strong legs to stand on in getting the emergency injunction granted. "Given the urgency of the situation and that's without the arguing. The fact that, one, the vote is October 22nd, the election is in complete chaos and there's so much confusion whether or not a nominee or a candidate for a ward would have to refile a nomination as Bill 5 is suggesting and whether or not their election is actually going to take place. All these have to be answered."

Achampong says the province and city could come to court on Tuesday saying they need more time to prepare arguments.

If the motion for an injunction is rejected, Achampong will pull his name out of the running for councillor of Ward 13. "I will be asking the judge to give me permission to withdraw immediately given the current rules and the current cutoff was July 27th."

He says he doesn't want to be part of the confusion and part of a process if this is how it's governed.