Police Chief recovering after kidney transplant

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders says he and his wife Stacey are recovering following his life-saving kidney transplant.

The chief learned in the 90's that he was born with only one kidney. He later learned that he has kidney disease. Saunders had been quietly undergoing kidney dialysis for the last 15 months, a gruelling regimen that took seven hours each night.

On Monday, he received a donor kidney from his wife. 

In a statement released on Friday, Saunders said, "On behalf of my wife Stacey and I, I would like to offer our gratitude for the well wishes, prayers and messages of support we have received over the last several days."

Saunders says they are taking their recovery, "day by day."

Recovery is expected to take several weeks. While the chief is away, deputy chief James Ramer has taken over his duties at Toronto Police.