Police cleared in fatal shooting of teen in Mississauga

A Peel Regional Police officer who shot and killed a 15-year old boy, will not be charged.

The province's Special Investigations Unit has ruled that the officer was justified in pulling the trigger in July of last year.

A lengthy report shows police were called to a gas station robbery, involving three young men.

Two of them managed to get away, in a car, while the third tried, unsuccessfully to break into several other vehicles.

When police arrived, the boy was cornered in the lobby of a bank, and was waving around what looked like a 45-calibre handgun, similar to one used by the American military.

Police later learned, it was in fact, a pellet gun.

The officer believe his life was in danger, and fire his rifle twice. Once hitting the boy and the second shot striking the building.

The boy died a month later in hospital.

The Director of the SIU writes "it would be "foolish and reckless" to risk his own life, by waiting to see if a shot was actually fired from the weapon."