Police close investigation into death of man in Toronto garbage chute

Toronto Police have closed the book on the investigation into the man who fell down a garbage chute at a condo building in midtown Toronto.

It was back on March 28th, when the man was found in the chute at a building on Erskine Avenue, near Eglinton Avenue East and Mount Pleasant Road.

Police originally said they thought the death look suspicious, but then backed away later that afternoon, saying no foul play was suspected.

Now, police have released the results of an autopsy, saying the man died of blunt force trauma, consistent with a fall from the 9th floor down a garbage chute.

What they wouldn't released was the man's blood alcohol level, or any indication of how he may have ended up there.

Constable Caroline De Kloet says we may never know.

"It's one of those things that has happened and these are the results of the post-mortem, and that's all we've got."

The man has only been identified as being in his 30's, his name hasn't been released.