Police: Couple defrauded clients of millions through investment firm

They promised their clients the world and left them with nothing.

Toronto Police are looking for a husband and wife who vanished without a trace more than a year ago after allegedly defrauding at least six people of millions of dollars.

Police say Khurt and Collett Comrie ran a financial investment and mortgage brokerage company called Keystone Financial Services for about two years.

Then in January or February of 2016, Stuart Fleming, an financial crimes investigator with Toronto Police says the couple cleared out their offices near Warden Ave and Sheppard Ave E and skipped town.

Fleming says Keystone attracted clients through its website, its storefront and through recommendations from people he says had "ulterior motives".

Toronto Police handout

Fleming has been able to track down six of the Comrie's former clients but he's convinced there are many more.

"Everybody I've spoken to that went to the premises said that the place was always busy, there were always people coming in and out, there were always people waiting for appointments."

He says some people may be embarrassed to have been duped, but even he doesn't see that there were warning signs of anything shady with Keystone.

"These people were very shrewd as far as how they played things. In one case particularly, they dripped some investment money back to the investors to make them think that it was actually a return on their money while they were managing to make off with the larger portion of the funds."

Comrie believes police will be able to track the couple down eventually with the help of technology. And he says often with crimes like these, once someone close to a suspect learns what they're accused of doing, they are more than willing to share with police where they are.

To guard yourself against fraud, Fleming says you have to trust your gut, only take business recommendations from someone you trust and remember the adage-if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Anyone with information or who thinks they might also be a victim should call Stuart Fleming at 416-808-7318 or contact Crime Stoppers.