Police have "no way forward" after mom confronts driver

The video was the talk of Toronto for a couple days after it first surfaced at the end of March.

Police never did say who they thought was at fault in the middle of the intersection near Mount Pleasant and Eglinton. Now, it appears this case has been pushed to the back burner.

Officers from 53 Division say, officially, the investigation is still open, but they have "no way forward".

The issue seems to be identifying the people involved.

They are still trying to figure out who was driving the car, and who was the woman pushing the stroller. They have only a partial licence plate number from one of the vehicles that drove through the intersection.

So, unless new information comes to light, they can't lay any charges.

And police are doubtful there's video out there that they haven't seen, since this case was heavily covered in the media, when this first happened.

If you have information, police are asking you to give them a call.