Police hunting for two suspects in deadly Scarborough shooting

Toronto Police are hoping to heat up the tip line by releasing surveillance video linked to a shooting in Scarborough.

Three people were shot outside Tropics Pub on Markham Road on December 14th at around 12:45 a.m. A woman and man survived, but 27-year-old Yusef Hagi Ahmed later died in hospital.

It was the first night of a freezing temperature in the double digits and the suspects are wearing heavy, dark clothing that covers them up which has made getting a description near impossible.

The two men can be seen walking eastbound on Luella Street and then walk to the rear driveway of the plaza where the pub is located. They walk back to the sidewalk on Luella and head east on Markham Road. It's alleged they fired shots at a group of people outside smoking cigarrettes and then took off running west on Markham Road.

"I believe the people responsible for this are familiar with the plaza. As they walk down the rear driveway they tuck their heads down, knowing that there is a camera. They go to the side, they know there is a split in the plaza, they are able to make a visual and return back to the sidewalk where the persons are still standing outside and, at that time, fire multiple rounds towards that group," describes Det. Jeff Tavares.

He has no indication there was any type of altercation prior to the shooting.

Tavares says the two surviving victims are cooperating with police.