Police in York Region charge 16 people with impaired driving over St. Patrick's Day weekend

It seems like drivers in York Region made St. Patrick's Day a weekend-long event. 

Police charged 16 drivers between Friday and Sunday, with 11 of those people being busted on St. Patrick's Day alone. 

Cst. Laura Nicolle says cops were finding drunk drivers all the way up until almost 9:00am Sunday morning. 

Someone in Vaughan called 911 when a stranger allegedly pulled into their driveway, twice striking a parked, before falling asleep behind the wheel. 

A 21-year old man is one of 4 drivers charged after crashes. 

Another 5 drivers were busted at RIDE checkpoints, while 4 others were arrested after police got calls from tipsters. 

Police say 15 of the drivers charged are male, while 1 is female.