Police investigating homophobic graffiti found on home in Little Portugal

Homophobic graffiti was found on a garage door of a gay couple's home in Little Portugal and police are looking to find out who did it.

In a Facebook post Daniel Malen and husband Aaron Boros wrote they found the message "Toronto Hates Queers" spray painted on their garage door.  They live in the Dundas Street West and Dufferin Street area.

The post continues: “We can't tell you how unsettling this is.” 

“Even though we've always felt blessed to live in an inclusive city such as Toronto — particularly with the way things have gone downhill in the United States under the Trump administration, not to mention the truly tragic news out of Chechnya — this is an awful reminder that Toronto and Canada is far from perfect.”

Another message reading “It’s okay for women to cross-dress but if you’re a guy who cross-dresses you live on the street.” found in two other locations nearby.

Toronto police have assigned a detective from 11 Division to investigate. 

With files from CP24