Police know the cause of death in Markham quadruple homicide, but aren't releasoing those details

Victims of quadruple Markham murder

Police say they know what killed four people in a Markham home earlier this week, but they aren't going to release that information.

The bodies of the four victims were found on Sunday night, in an area near McCowand and Bur Oak.

A 23-year-old man met the officers at the front door, and was quickly taken into custody.

Police say the autopsies on the victims have been completed and officers say they aren't releasing the causes of death, "to protect the integrity of the case."

However, they have been able to confirm the identities as 21-year-old Malesa Zaman, 59-year-old Moniruz Zaman, 50-year-old Momotaz Begum and 70-year-old Firoza Begum.

All four lived in Markham and it's believed they are the suspects mother, father, sister and grandmother.

Menhaz Zaman is facing four counts of first degree murder and will make his next court appearance on Friday, August 2nd.