Police lay attempted murder, arson charges after North York fire

Toronto Police have arrested an alleged arsonist who is accused of setting a fire that could have killed 4 people.

Allegations are 22-year old George Sebou of Toronto turned up at a home in the area of Keele St. and Sheppard Ave. on Sunday afternoon and set fire to a snowmobile that was parked in the driveway.

Flames spready to the house, and to the next-door neighbour's place.

Fire crews arrived to put the flames out, but roughly 30 minutes later they were called to a nearby school, where a parked school bus had been set ablaze.

Nobody was hurt.

Sebou was arrested by police a short time later.

All police will say about the motive is that the accused knows one of the 4 people who live at the home.

He faces 13 charges, including 4 counts of attempted murder, arson with disregard for life, as well as allegations of assault and uttering threats.

Sebou's first court appearance was scheduled for Monday.