Police remind people to keep their car doors locked after two attempted car jackings in the city

Toronto Police reminded motorists to be cautious when sitting in their cars after two attempted car jackings in the city.

The first happend at 7:17 a.m. Sunday at Victoria Park Avenue and Cassandra Boulevard, that's near Ellesmere Road, near a coffee shop.

Police say two men approached the car with a gun and ordered the woman out, threatening to shoot her if she did not comply.

They were unable to get the car and fled in a white van.

The second incident happened at 8:03 a.m. in the Wilson Avenue and Allen Road area near another coffee shop when suspects fitting the same description approached a woman in a car with a handgun and threaten to shoot her if she did not get out.  Again they were unsuccessful in taking the vehicle and drove off in a white van.

Police believe it's the same two suspects in each case.  The two men are described as black with dark complexions, 20-30 years old with slim builds.  One was wearing a grey jacket, the other a black jacket with a red t-shirt underneath.

Constable David Hopkinson tells Newstalk 1010 police are offering a caution to people "especially if they are going to be in areas of coffee shops to be more cautious.  Especially if their vehicle is being approaching by other people.  Just in general to be more cautious."