Poll suggests the SNC scandal has hurt the Liberals

A new poll finds the Trudeau Liberals are taking a hit from the SNC Lavalin scandal.

The Nanos survey, for CTV News and the Globe and Mail, found a quarter of voters now say it will influence their decision in October's federal election.

Before Jody Wilson Raybould's testimony, the number was only 17 percent.

The Prime Minister also took a hit to his brand.

Before the testimony, 14 percent said they considered Trudeau the most ethical leader; ranking third behind Green Party leader Elizabeth May and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

By Friday, the number was down to 10 percent with Trudeau falling to fourth behind the NDP's Jagmeet Singh.

Another interesting finding: More than half of Canadians think fraud and corruption charges against SNC should be dealt with in a criminal trial rather than a negotiated settlement.