Possible child predator may have struck again in Scarborough

Has a potential sexual predator struck again in Scarborough?

Toronto Police are out with new information about another case of a child being approached in the area of Finch and Neilson.

This latest happened on Wednesday, when two kids, only 4 and 6 years old, were approached while walking to school. The man asked if he could join them on their walk.

He's described as a man in his mid-40's with a dark brown complexion.

And that's a similar description to the one given in the four previous incidents, all reported in the same area.

a 10-year-old girl was approached by a man while walking along a trail near McLevin Ave and Malvern St. Police say she was assaulted, she was able to kick the man and run away.

Police describe the suspect only as brown-skinned with his face covered and dressed all in black.

On February 10 and March 7, kids were allegedly approached near Burrows Hall Blvd and Purvis Cr, near Burrows Hall Junior Public, about 2 km from the scene of Tuesday's attack.

Police say in the first instance the man rolled up to two nine-year-old boys in his car and asked them to get in. The boys ran away and the man drove off. In the second case, police say the man was persistent offering two 10-year-old boys and a five-year-old girl a lift and the children again made a run for it.

The man's vehicle is described as a charcoal, metallic grey or silver-coloured four-door car. The man himself is described only as having a brown complexion wearing reading glasses. He may have been wearing a Blue Jays shirt and ballcap in one of the incidents.

On March 10, a man wearing a ski mask, sunglasses and black clothes allegedly climbed out of a dark grey or black sedan and ran toward a 10-year-old girl who on her way home from school. Police say she sprinted into Malvern Junior Public School for help.

Police are only saying that these incidents could be linked, that they could be dealing with the same man, but they aren't confirming anything right now.

As for what they are telling parents, police are holding presentations at Malvern Junior Public School and informing parents about what's been going on in the area.

(with files from Justine Lewkowicz)