Proposed lawsuit takes aim at Amazon

Do you shop online with Amazon?

You're not alone. Thousands of people have adopted the popular website as a way of quickly getting what they need and having it delivered right to their door.

But there's a proposed class-action lawsuit that suggests the company may have been charging you more than you should have been paying.

The allegations in the proposed suit include the fact that Amazon has been charging and collecting tax on items like basic groceries and certain baby supplies, when they shouldn't have been.

The Consumer Law Group says  "People should be entitled to trust that when a merchant, especially one as large as Amazon, charges them sales tax on a purchase, that such amounts are actually due under the applicable tax legislation.  It is the responsibility of sellers to familiarize themselves with the tax laws of the country and of the provinces in which they choose to operate."

The class action seeks damages in the amount of the undue sales tax, interest on the money that was collected unlawfully, and punitive damages.

The lawsuit still needs classification from the courts.

Lawyer Jeff Orenstien says they already have 125 people signed up for the suit.