Province expects to cut nearly 3,500 teaching positions

We are starting to get a sense of how many teaching positions the Ford government believes will be on the chopping block over the next four years.

The Toronto Star reports that according provincial memos, the province expects to cut almost 3,500 positions, a move that will save $851 million.

The memos say almost half of those, over 1,500 hundred, will be gone by this fall.

Advocacy groups and teachers unions have claimed the changes will be much more dramatic, with 10,000 jobs lost.

The head of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation has claimed class sizes could balloon as high as 45 students in a classroom.

On NEWSTALK 1010's The Rush Thursday night, Premier Doug Ford promised that won't be the case.

"It will not happen," Ford said. "There isn't one school that anyone will be able to come to me after and say there's 45 students in the classroom."

He also pledged that not a single teacher will lose their job. The government has said the cuts will come through attrition.