Province to begin tolling 407 extension and 412 next month

The new Hwy 407 extension, as well as Hwy 412, through Pickering and Oshawa will be free for drivers for just one more month. 

The province says tolling will begin on February 1st. 

The 407 extension, which runs from Brock Rd in Pickering to Harmony Rd in Oshawa, and Hwy 412, which connects the 407 and 401, opened in June. 

The ministry of transportation says the province's toll rates will be about 15 per cent lower than ETR tolls during off-peak periods, and 30 per cent lower during peak hours. 

Revenue from the tolls will be used to fund new infrastructure and transit projects across Ontario, according to the province. 

Drivers who already use the 407 ETR can use the same transponder on Ontario's 407 extension and the 412. Charges will come in one invoice.