Psychiatric assessment ordered for woman accused in PATH stabbing

Rohinie Bisesar maintains she's not guilty of stabbing another woman along Toronto's underground PATH system in December 2015.

Her matter hasn't made it to trial, yet, but she continues to argue that international groups have implanted a device inside of her that controls her body and mind.

She's now been ordered to undergo a 60-day psychiatric assessment.

Bisesar began to tremble from inside the prisoner's box when Justice John McMahon made the order for a psychiatrist to examine her mental state prior to being arrested.

She questioned what would be done in the interim to find the people who have planted the controlling device in her.

After the 60-day mental assessment is complete the psychiatrist will have 30 days to file a report.

Bisesar still needs to find a lawyer after firing her previous two.

The goal is to still have her trial begin in January of next year.

Rosemarie Junor died days after being stabbed in the underground walking system outside a drug store. She had wed only months before.