Queen's Quay development will now include affordable housing

Toronto city hall

Councillors in Toronto are claiming victory after a push to have more affordable housing built along the waterfront.

NEWSTALK 1010 told you last week about a crown corporation selling a piece of prime property at 200 Queen's Quay.

What would normally happen, is that any level of government would simply sell to the highest bidder.

But City Council was pushing for a change in the stipulations, to anyone who bought the land for development, to include affordably housing units.

"Far too often in the past, land would be sold off to make money, but land is one of the most valuable assets that we control and so anytime governments are considering public land, they need to do so with an eye to public interest." says Councillor Joe Cressy.

Cressy says Toronto has a big issue with affordable housing, saying "people simply can't afford to live here."

He says the federal government has already made changes to include the affordable housing stipulation in future sales, but what happened here, was that they righted a mistake that happened previously.