Regulator flooded with complaints over doctors advocating gun control

Ontario's medical regulator says it has received dozens of complaints in the last month over doctors advocating for gun control.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario says it cannot confirm the content of the nearly 70 complaints received nor which physicians are named.

But a group of doctors pushing for a national ban on privately owned handguns and assault weapons says one of its leaders is the main target.

The group Doctors for Protection from Guns says most if not all the complaints are about Dr. Najma Ahmed, a Toronto trauma surgeon who treated victims of a fatal mass shooting last summer.

Another organization, the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, has urged its supporters to file complaints about Ahmed with the college, arguing physicians should not take political positions.

In a tweet last month, one of the coalition's staff members said she was submitting a complaint because it is ``immoral'' for a doctor to use her influence for political purposes.