REMINDER: Clocks fall back early Sunday morning

A wise woman once sang "if I could turn back time." 

But Sunday morning is the one opportunity each year that Cher can actually go back in time - at least by one hour. 

Daylight Saving Time comes to an end on November 4 at 2:00 a.m., which is when the clocks go back by one hour to Standard Time - essentially giving us two 1:00 hours. 

While most digital devices with online connectivity will automatically make the switch, analog clocks - or digital devices not connected to the internet - will need a little help from you.

And as Toronto Police Constable David Hopkinson says, the clocks falling back is a reminder of another important task.

"It's an excellent time for people to change out those batteries in their carbon monoxide or smoke detectors," he told NEWSTALK1010. 

Hopkinson added that the biggest concern following the return to Standard Time is darkness falling one hour earlier, making the commute home a little more difficult, and a lot more dangerous for pedestrians.

"You have to adjust your speed to drive according to the conditions," he said of the changing angle of sunlight that accompanies an earlier sunset. "Speed is a lot of times an issue in collisions, especially the tragic ones."

"We would ask people who are either driving or pedestrians using the road [to] pay attention to where they're going [and] drive according to the weather conditions."