REMINDER:Sunday Marathon means road closures in Toronto, Mississauga

If you have weekend plans in the city the biggest disruption looks like it will be Sunday's marathon.

Over 14 thousand runners from over 50 countries will pound the pavement.

The race starts in North York near Mel Lastman Square and will finish at Ontario Place.

And of course there will be other road closures to deal with. Here's the full list, if you're planning to get around this weekend.

Sunday - OPP Memorial Ceremony - 8:30am-12:30pm *same time as marathon
-basically, all traffic in, and around, Queen's Park is CLOSED

Details if you need them:
Hoskin Ave CLOSED from St George to Queen's Park Cres
Queen's Park CLOSED at Bloor St
Queen's Park CLOSED at College
Wellesley St CLOSED from Queen's Park W to Bay St

Toronto Marathon (Sunday 5:30am-3pm closures)

Start Times: 

-full marathon & 10k Run - 730am 
-relay marathon - 750am 
-5k run - 8am 
-half marathon - 830am 
-5k walk - 12pm  

(Hwys & Lake Shore closures)

EB/WB 401 collector off ramps to SB Yonge St - CLOSED - 7-10am

-SB Yonge St ramps to the WB 401 - CLOSED - 7-10am

NB/SB DVP off ramps to Bayview/Bloor - CLOSED - 7-11

EB/WB Gardiner off ramps to Jarvis St - CLOSED - 7am-12:30pm

EB Lake Shore Blvd lane restrictions from Humber River to Fort York Blvd - 8:30am-3pm

Lake Shore Blvd CLOSED from Remembrance Dr to Fort York Blvd - 8:30am-12:30pm
Lane restrictions on SB Yonge along the Marathon route, see maps

(chronolocigal order)

Aylmer Ave CLOSED from Yonge to Rosedale Valley Rd - 5:30-10am

Beecroft Rd CLOSED from Elmhurst to Horsham - 5:30-9am

North York Blvd CLOSED from Beecroft to Yonge - 5:30-9am

Rosedale Valley Rd CLOSED from Aylmer to Bayview Ave - 5:30-11am

**Bathurst St CLOSED from Front to Fort York - 7am-12:30pm

**Bayview Ave CLOSED from Rosedale Valley Rd to north of Front (at Lawren Harris Sq) - 7-11am 

**Cherry St CLOSED from Sumach to Eastern - 7-11:30am

Churchill Ave CLOSED from Beecroft to Yonge - 7-9am

**Eastern Ave CLOSED from Cherry to Front - 7-11:30am

Ellerslie Ave CLOSED from Rd to Yonge - 7-9am 

Elmhurst Ave CLOSED from Beecroft to Yonge - 7-9am

**Fort York Blvd CLOSED from Bathurst to Lake Shore Blvd - 7-12:30pm

**Front St CLOSED from Ave to Wellington - 7-11:30am

**Front St CLOSED from John to Bathurst - 7am-12pm

**John St CLOSED from Wellington to Front - 7am-12pm

**EB King St CLOSED River St to Sumach - 7-11am

Lawren Harris Sq CLOSED from Bayview to Lower River St - 7-11am 

Lower River St CLOSED from Lawren Harris Sq to King St - 7-11am 

Park Home Ave CLOSED from Beecroft to Yonge - 7-9am

**SB Spadina ramp to WB Lake Shore Blvd - CLOSED - 7am-12:30pm

**Sumach St CLOSED from King to Cherry - 7-11:30am 

**Wellington St CLOSED from Front to Yonge - 7-11:30am 

**Wellington St CLSOED from Yonge to John - 7-11:30am 

**SB Yonge St CLOSED from Horsham to York Mills - 7-9am

**SB Yonge St CLOSED from York Mills to Eglinton - 7-10am

WB Chaplin Cres CLOSED from Yonge to Oriole Pkwy - 7:30-10am

**SB Oriole Pkwy CLOSED from Chaplin Cres to Lonsdale Rd - 7:30-10am

**SB Yonge St CLOSED from Eglinton to Chaplin Cres - 7:30-10:30am

Austin Ter CLOSED from Spadina Rd to Walmer Rd - 8-10am

Belmont St CLOSED from Davenport to Yonge - 8-10am

Davenport Rd CLOSED from MacPherson to Belmont - 8-10am

NB Forest Hill Rd CLOSED from Lonsdale Rd to Kilbarry Rd - 8-10am

Kendal Ave CLOSED Davenport to MacPherson - 8-10am

EB Kilbarry Rd CLOSED from Forest Hill Rd to Warren Rd - 8-10am 

WB Lonsdale Rd CLOSED from Oriole Pkwy to Russell Hill Rd - 8-10am

MacPherson Ave CLOSED from Kendal Ave to Davenport Rd - 8-10am

Marine Parade Dr CLOSED from Park Lawn Rd to Waterfront Dr - 8am-2pm

SB Spadina Rd CLOSED from Lonsdale Rd to St Clair - 8-10am

Spadina Rd CLOSED from St Clair Ave to Austin Ter - 8-10am

Walmer Rd CLOSED from Austin Ter to Davenport Rd - 8-10am

SB Warren Rd CLOSED from Kilbarry Rd to Lonsdale Rd - 8-10am 

Waterfront Dr CLOSED from Marine Parade Dr to Palace Pier Crt - 8:30am-2pm

**SB Yonge St CLOSED southbound Chaplin Cres to Aylmer Ave - 8:30-10:30am

Mississauga Marathon - (Sunday 2am-6pm closures)

(chronological order)
City Centre Dr CLOSED from Duke of York Blvd to Robert Speck Pkwy -2am-2pm
Duke of York Blvd CLOSED from Princess Royal Dr to Webb Dr - 2am-2pm
Lakefront Promenade CLOSED - 5am-6pm
**Burnhamthorpe Rd CLOSED from Hurontario St to Mississauga Rd 7am-9am
**Mississauga Rd CLOSED from Burnhamthorpe Rd to Dundas St - 730am-930am
**Mississauga Rd CLOSED from Dundas St to Lakeshore Rd - 730am-1030am
**Mississauga Rd CLOSED from Lakeshore Rd to Lake St - 730am-1030am

Outer Circle Rd CLOSED - 730am-1030am
EB Indian Rd CLOSED from Mississauga Rd to Lorne Park Rd - 8am-1030am
Front St CLOSED from Lakeshore Rd to Lake St - 8am-2pm
Lorne Park Rd CLOSED from Indian Rd to Truscott Dr - 8am-1030am
Port St CLOSED from Stavebank Rd to St Lawrence Dr -8am-2pm
Truscott Dr - lane restrictions - from Lorne Park Rd to Southdown Rd - 8am-11am
Carlis Pl CLOSED - 8am-2pm
Elmwood Ave CLOSED at Lakeshore Rd - 8am-2pm
Wanita Rd CLOSED from Elmwood Ave to Cumberland Dr - 8am-2pm
Southdown Rd - lane restrictions - Lakeshore Rd to Truscott Dr - 8am-2pm
WB Lakeshore Rd - lane restrictions - from Meadow Wood Rd to Owenwood Dr - 9am-1pm
NB Meadow Wood Rd CLOSED from Orr Rd to Lakeshore Rd - 9am-1230pm
EB Orr Rd CLOSED Southdown Rd to Meadow Wood Rd - 9am-1230pm
Ben Machree Dr CLOSED - 9am-130pm
WB Lakeshore Rd - lane restrictions - from Lorne Park Rd to Ben Machree Dr 9am-130pm


There's a marathon in Toronto on Sunday

Here's the route

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