REPORT: Former Milton Fire Chief investiated for alleged sexual trysts

A former Milton Fire Chief is now facing ugly allegations, of his behaviour leading up to him exiting his job.

The Toronto Star is reporting, Chief Dave Pratt was having sex in his town-owned SUV, and is alleged to have taken one woman with him to a conference in another community, on the taxpayer dime.

According to the article, Pratt claimed on his LinkedIn, that he retired on March 25th.

In some of the cases he's alleged to have had sex, in the SUV, in the parking lot of the firestation.

But after speaking with an employment lawyer, we've learned that he could have been fired for many of the things he's accused of.

"He's the fire chief, he's held to a very high standard, higher than the average worker," says Matt Dewar, a lawyer with Levitt LLP.

The issue comes with representing the brand. Whether you are on duty or off, you're constantly a representitive of who you work for, says Dewar.

"I think it's safe to say when he's putting the fire truck in behind him, he's dragging the brand in whether he intended to or not."

And he says more and more, courts looking at off-duty behaviour and weighing it back to how it reflects on the company or the brand.

Dewar says the alleged travel date was a firing offence right there.

NEWSTALK 1010 reached out to Milton for comment, but didn't get a response. They did respond to the Star, saying the wouldn't comment on a personel matter.