Report: OHIP changes could include fewer MRIs, less sedation during colonoscopies

When the province reached a new deal with doctors, the agreement required both sides to find almost $500 million in savings inside OHIP.

A new report from City News claims to have details on what those savings could eliminate.

A group of doctors and government officials are reviewing things like MRIs for knee issues in middle aged patients, finding the procedures have become routine despite the fact that most people improve within months.

The report also suggests that sedation during colonoscopies could be reduced.

Documents in front of the group suggest sedation has become more common over the past decade and there are questions about whether it's appropriate.

Crohn's and Colitis Canada insists it's unthinkable to make people less comfortable in what is already an invasive procedure.

They worry it might lead some people to avoid getting a colonoscopy.