REPORT: Premier Doug Ford eyes changes to Ontario Place

Out with the old...and in with the new.

Premier Doug Ford, who once pitched a monorail and Ferris wheel along Toronto's waterfront, has his eyes on the redevelopment of Ontario place.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, Ford wants to scrap proposals for the site being considered by the Liberals, and launch a new search for ideas to turn it into must-visit destination.

We don't know if he's pushing for any of the big ideas he floated when he was a city councillor in Toronto.

Ford's tourism minister isn't telling us much, except “stay tuned.”

Under Kathleen Wynne a new park opened at Ontario Place and her Liberal government asked for bids to redevelop the rest of the space, insisting the proposals could not include casinos or housing.

Companies reportedly suggested a new beach, a conference centre, a college, and some kind of outdoor adventure space.

The process stalled due to the spring election.