Report: Students keen on e-learning but some may struggle

A new report says just five per cent of students on average per high school in Ontario are currently enrolled in e-learning courses -- and some struggle with the independence needed for them.

The People for Education report on technology in schools comes shortly after the provincial government announced that all high school students will have to take four e-learning credits starting in 2020-21.

The survey found that at least some students are enrolled in e-learning in 87 per cent of schools, however, in those schools, only about five per cent of students are taking those courses.

Principals reported that students are keen to sign up for e-learning courses, but at times struggle with the self-discipline these courses require.

Research has shown that the lowest achieving students perform worse in online courses than in face-to-face classes.

Education Minister Lisa Thompson has trumpeted the move to e-learning, claiming teachers and parents are excited about her plan.