Residents in Parkdale want Metrolinx to clean up their act

Residents of a downtown Toronto neighbourhood aren't happy with Metrolinx when it comes to cleaning up the graffiti.

The Toronto Sun reports residents of Parkdale told the paper it's been a two year struggle to get the transit agency to regularly clean up the spray paint on a noise barrier on Dundas Street West, north of Bloor Street and on a rail-bridge near Queen Street and Gladstone Avenue.

Residents say the cleaning, when it does happen is sporadic and doesn't meet the city's bylaw of removing it within 72 hours.

A member of the Junction Triangle Rail Committee tells the Toronto Sun they have been asking Metrolinx to do regular clean-ups since 2015, when it was installed and estimates it's been done three times in total.

NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo represents the riding, she told the Toronto Sun Metrolinx has given her a lot of excuses and they are not under city jurisdiction so are not forced to remove the graffiti within a certain time limit.

The Toronto Sun reports Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins says the transit agency spends $250,000 a year removing graffiti.  They focus on trains and anything racist or offensive for removal first.