Richmond Hill woman sentenced to seven years for fatal drunk driving crash

A Richmond Hill woman has been sentenced to seven years in prison, for a drunk driving crash that claimed the life of a 44 year old father.

23-year-old Darya Selinevich was sentenced in the collision that happened on Finch near Druftwood Crescent in North York, back in 2015.

Court heard how she was driving her BMW at 110 km/h in a 60 zone, when she struck and killed Zeyong Kang.

But she didn't stop.

Instead Selinevich jumped on the gas of her sports sedan, and reached speeds of 200km/h while trying to evade police.

Eventually she was stopped in a parking lot and arrested.

Minus time served, she'll only have to spend the next 4 and a half years behind bars, where so far she's been called a model prisonner.

Selinevich had a fresh drinking and driving offence at the time of the crash, and already had a suspended licence.

When released, she'll also be banned from driving for 10 years.