Ride-hailing service Lyft is coming to Toronto

You will soon have another option to get where you're going in Toronto.

Ride-hailing service Lyft plans to start serving the city next month, saying it will be around to 'help ring in the holidays'.

Lyft is in search of drivers who will be identifiable by a purple LED dashboard light that resembles a portable speaker. It is not clear what the company's fare structure might look like.

The company's biggest competitor, Uber, has been struggling in the United States.

Some 200,000 Americans reportedly deleted their Uber accounts in protest in late January because of the company's ties to Donald Trump and a perception that it was trying to profit from people heading to a New York protest against the president's initial travel ban.

A few days later Uber founder CEO Travis Kalanick gave up his spot on Trump's economic council. In June he resigned as CEO following stories about a work environment rife with sexual harassment. 20 other Uber employees were fired.

Last week Uber pledged $5-million over five years to prevent sexual assault and better handle reports of improper behaviour.