Rochelle Bobb's killer will face charges for death of unborn son

Toronto Police say the person responsible for the shooting death of 33-year old Rochelle Bobb of Mississauga will also be charged with the death of her unborn son, Kyrie. 

Det.Sgt. Mike Carbone admits that its "frustrating" and "troubling" that a case that was so traumatic to the community remains unsolved.

Carbone wouldn't say much about where the investigation has gone in the last few months. 

He also stopped short of confirming details of what happened that night. 

All that Toronto Police will part with is that it is possible that the shooter saw the vehicle Bobb and her friends were riding in slowly driving the neighbourhood, and making a u-turn. 

Carbone thinks it could be that the suspect mistakenly assumed the people inside the vehicle were a threat. 


There have been police sources quoted as saying Bobb's death is the unintended consequence of a gang dispute, but Carbone would only say that it is one possible explanation. 

Carbone says investigators have their hands on security footage linked to the shooting but there are no plans to release it to the public. 

Detectives are still hunting for the tip that breaks this case open and made more appeals on Tuesday morning for witnesses to come forward. 

Judging by Carbone's comments, it seems like authorities have questions about the stories told by the people who were in the car with Bobb on the night of the shooting.

He says police are still looking for "an untainted account" of what happened. 

Carbone seems at a loss for words when asked what it is that's keeping people from doing the right thing and telling police what they know. 

Toronto Police say the death of Kyrie Bobb counts as the city's 74th homicide of 2016.