Roxodus co-founder speaks out


We are hearing for the first time from one of the founders of the now cancelled Roxodus music festival.

Mike Dunphy, speaking to CTV News, claims he was as shocked as the fans by the cancellation. "I left 10 days prior to the festival being cancelled. It was always my understanding that it was going to go forward no matter what," he says.

Organizers pulled the plug just days before the bands like Aerosmith and Nickleback were supposed to take the stage.

Initially, the organizers blamed soggy conditions at the venue west of Barrie.

Now, Dunphy suggests that the real reason was disappointing ticket sales.

He also claims that he is not to blame for the festival's money problems and that he never signed a single cheque or took any money.

He says his co-creator and longtime friend, Fab Loranger, was in charge of the finances

The OPP have said they're investigating a former employee but wouldn't say who, or whether the investigation is linked to the cancellation.