Rubbernecker smashes into police cruisers on Hwy 401

Durham Regional Police believe a woman gawking at a crash on Hwy 401 triggered a dangerous crash of her own

It's not clear why, but a tractor trailer jackknifed in the highway's eastbound express lanes near Port Union at about 1 a.m. Wednesday, ending up with its rear wheels balancing on the median.

Michael Nguyen/CP24

It seems the truck created a visual distraction for the woman behind the wheel of an SUV. Police say she slammed into the back of a stopped cruiser, pushing it into a K9 Unit vehicle, both with their rooftop lights going. The SUV burst into flames.

No one was in either police vehicle and two officers at the scene were not hurt. A police dog in the K9 vehicle is also OK.

Michael Nguyen/CP24

The officers at the scene are members of Durham Regional Police who happened to by nearby when they noticed the jackknifed tractor trailer.

The driver of the SUV was taken to hospital with minor injuries. It is not clear if she will face charges.