Seeing the Leafs is a privilege, not a right

There was a report out on Wednesday morning, suggesting there were only 96 seats available for sale to the general public, for the first home playoff game for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

But this sort of thing isn't new.

It's been an on-going issue, not just in the playoffs, but in the regular season as well.

The Leafs are, and always have been a hot ticket.

Just how hot?

A spokesperson from MLSE says there are 17,929 seats in the ACC for hockey. Of those, 16,000 are taken up by season ticket holders.

When it comes time for the playoffs, they get a chance to purchase more seats, if they choose.

That leaves fewer than 2,000 seats available for fans.

But wait. Tickets are held for teams, the NHL and even the broadcasters, meaning there's even less space in the ACC for Leaf fans to sit.

"There's 18,000 tickets, give or take available, and there's what 6 million people in the GTA? It's a very exclusive club." says Bryan Hayes, the host of Overdrive on TSN 1050.

He does say the team tries to give fans the game experience, even if they can't get into the building.

"You supply it on the big screen, you give people the opportunity to feel like they are as to the game as possible, I think that's the best they can do."