Shots fired at home of a Toronto City Councillor

Toronto City Councillor believes his house was shot at

Toronto Councillor John Filion says he's been the target of a shooting at his North York home.

Toronto Police have confirmed they were called to a shooting just after 1:30 on Thursday morning in the Yonge and Parkview area.

There were no injuires, but he says several shots were fired into his car, and one into his house.

Filion says it follows an incident three weeks ago, where he says a man with a weapon attempted to break into his house.

Police say the investigation is on-going and wouldn't comment any futher.

In a press conference at the North York Civic Centre, Filion told reporters, "I am confident that Toronto Police Service is now conducting a thorough investigation,” ho told reporters at the North York Civic Centre on Thursday evening. “In order not to compromise that investigation I will not be publicly speculating on who I think might be involved or what their motives might be.”

Toronto's Mayor, John Tory released the following statement to NEWSTALK 1010:

"I was very troubled to learn of the incidents of violence experienced by Councillor John Filion and his family in recent days. I spoke with him this morning to ensure he was uninjured and to express my concern. I also offered any help I could provide to him and his family.

I am also confident that our police service is using its considerable skill and ability to fully investigate these incidents."