Should I be afraid of crossing the US border?

There's lots of talk in Canada from people nervous about heading south for vacations.

US President Donald Trump has been putting out some big ideas about border security since coming into power, the latest being a second version of the 'travel ban'.

So, it's with good reason that you may be a little antsy about going on that shopping trip to Buffalo or going to play a round of golf in Myrtle Beach.

Aaron Bowker, a Chief US Customs and Border Patrol Officer says it's all non-sense.

"We process thousands of Canadians across the border every day, and there's been no change to the process what-so-ever." he tells NEWSTALK1010.

He says there have been no new directives given to them since Donald Trump took power in January.

And for those who are nervous because of their ethnic background, he calls that non-sense.

"An officer does not look at ethnicity or religion or anything like that and say 'these are reasons that require further scrutiny', that would not be a reason, absolutely not." says Bowker.

What about my phone, is that going to be searched when I get to the border? Bowker says that's another thing you shouldn't really worried about.

"I believe for the last fiscal year, the searches amounted to one-hundreth of a percent. So it's not as bad as people think."

But he also points out that all of this security isn't to defend the borders, but it's also to keep you safe, while you're visiting.