Smoke from wildfires likely won't reach GTA: Environment Canada

Progress is being made as firefighters from across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico continue to battle raging wildfires in Northeastern and Northwestern Ontario.

While no new fires were confirmed on Saturday, a major concern for those living close to those impacted areas remains the smoke, which is impacting air quality as well as visibility. 

But how far will that smoke carry? Mark Shuster, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, says Southern Ontario is unlikely to feel the impact because the fires are several hundred kilometres away. 

"Sometimes if the winds in the upper atmosphere are blowing in the correct direction, sometimes you can see the smoke high up in the atmosphere," he told NEWSTALK1010. "You get the red sunsets, you get the kind-of hazy sky."

"But usually when a forest fire is very far away, the smoke won't descend to the ground level."

Shuster added that it's unlikely to be an issue in terms of breathing, but we could see a red sunset if the winds become more northernly or northwesternly later this week. 

The only fire that could be an issue, he says, is the fire "that's just south of Sudbury," but it will only impact that vicinity - specifically those who are downwind of it.

There are also worries about the heat and dryness in the region, which could intensify the flames. 

One of the largest fires, Parry Sound 33, still covers an area of 113 square kilometres. 

As of Saturday evening, there were still 44 active fires in Northeastern Ontario - 19 of which were out of control.