Some Tim Hortons locations are charging more for certain breakfast foods

The parent company of Tim Hortons says restaurants in select markets have increased prices on certain breakfast items.

Restaurant Brands International of Oakville, Ont., says regular price adjustments are "a normal part of the restaurant business."

The increases come after the company landed in hot water with consumers when it was revealed some franchisees cut employee benefits to offset the impact of minimum wage hikes in Ontario.

On Jan. 1 the minimum wage in Ontario increased to $14 per hour from $11.60, a 21-per-cent jump, which, along with other labour law changes, will cost the average franchise owner more than $200,000 per year.

The owner of the entire chain said last Friday that action by the franchisees didn't reflect its values.

But the statement from Tim Hortons head office didn't prevent protesters from rallying outside Tim Hortons locations across Ontario this week.