Steve Bannon coming to Toronto

Steve Bannon, the controversial former strategist for U.S. President Donald Trump, is set to debate conservative commentator David Frum on the issue of populism this fall in Toronto.

The announcement of the event, part of the Munk Debates, comes days after Bannon was dropped from the speakers list at next month's New Yorker Festival after the magazine faced intense backlash and threats of a boycott by other guests.

Munk organizers announced Wednesday that Bannon is expected to argue in favour of the proposition that ``the future of western politics is populist, not liberal'' at the debate on Nov. 2.

Frum, a senior editor at The Atlantic magazine, was a speechwriter for former president George W. Bush and is the author of the recent book ``Trumpocracy.''

Bannon is still set to speak at a festival hosted by the Economist later this month.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine has said she was deeply troubled by Bannon's far right stances but believed open debate was more important.