Storm-stranded travelers returning home

The damage Irma has left behind in the Caribbean is almost unbelievable.

Airports have been shut down, in some cases destroyed, leaving Canadian travelers to wonder when they are going to get home, if ever.

Some have been critical of the Federal governments repsonse, claiming it wasn't quick enough.

But travel experts we spoke with suggest nothing is easy, and help doesn't come quickly, when you're dealing with a devastating act of nature like a hurricane. Especially when you're in a third world country, in some cases.

"It's a massive undertaking. We're talking about tens of thousands of people who are being evacuated." says Claire Newell, president of Travel Best Bets with 25 years in the travel industry.

While some people will complain that there hasn't been enough information from their carrier or they have been dragged back and forth between a hotel and an airport, Newell says behind the scenes, these companies are working very hard.

"Sunwing has sent 30 flights to repatriate customers, Transat has sent flights to Dominican, Puerto Plata and WestJet has sent countless flights to several countries."

And you have to take into account the people who are working at the airports in these countries. Most are worried about their own homes and families, or are busy trying to clean up their own properties after the hurricane.